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Sheet vinyl flooring is a great flooring choice for spaces with high foot traffic. It mimics the look and feel of real slate, ceramic tile and hardwood floors. It is a popular flooring solution for kitchen applications because it is water, stain and spill resistant. Vinyl can withstand the high humidity levels and wet surfaces present in the bathroom. It is a cost-effective and durable flooring solution. Come visit our showroom and see the different types of sheet vinyl and vinyl flooring options in a real life setting. Our specialists will help you browse through the different materials and select the best flooring solution for your project.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in two different types. Sheet vinyl is installed in sheets that are six or 12 feet wide. Vinyl tile is installed in tiles that are either 9” x 9” or 12” x 12”. Sheet vinyl is easier to install, but many homeowners prefer the look of vinyl tile because it replicates the look and feel of authentic ceramic tile. Vinyl flooring can be easily damaged by sharp objects and extreme temperatures and thus is recommended for use in indoor applications only. Vinyl is a great indoor flooring option for the following reasons:

  • Sheet-Vinyl-Flooring Affordable
  • Durable
  • Noise resistant
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Large selection of designs, colors and patterns
  • Comfortable

If you are looking for a comfortable flooring solution that is soft beneath your feet and does not get cold in the winter, vinyl is the product for you. Vinyl flooring is low-maintenance and highly durable. Visit us at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist and we will help you explore the options and select the right flooring solution for your next project.